The Rad Company is a three-person operation that runs like an agency. Johnny, Amy and the muscle, Bucky Von Schnauzer.

While living in Los Angeles, Amy was rocking it at Warner Music Group. Doing the unthinkable… selling physical cds! How could that be you say? Well, it wasn’t easy. She had to develop mad promotional, creative skills to get people inside record stores and make that purchase. But as the musical landscape changed and digital downloads became the norm… then digital streaming took over, she had to look for other ways to promote music. That’s when she asked the question: Who listens to music and does absolutely nothing else? No one. Consumers are more than likely listening to music while drinking a cold beer, walking on campus, cooking, working out etc. So began her relationships with brands of all sizes, shapes and colors. Partner with the maker of that item or service that incorporates the music.

Then came Johnny B. Johnny worked at the record label, SideOneDummy Records. Besides his token LA Clippers beanie, Johnny B wore many other hats at SideOne. Graphics guru, record producer, Dave Grohl’s part-time friend, Project Manager and marketing genius. In 2010, Flogging Molly “Live at the Greek Theater” dvd was about to street & SideOneDummy booked a glorious billboard that overlooked the heart of Hollywood. Amy, being responsible for securing the placement, reached out to Johnny for the correct specs… and as their keyboards met via email for the first time, it wouldn’t be the last.

After Bucky accepted Johnny (beard, stinch & all), Amy decided she could make it official and become Mrs. B. Eventually they packed up their things and moved to Atlanta. As Atlanta began to treat all three of them perfectly, there was one thing missing: the reality of starting their own marketing/design/branding company.

We asked ourselves a question: Can we live without ever working for ourselves?

 Why did we name our company after the most obnoxious word of the 80’s? Because we’re rad, why else? We do it all inhouse, no hand-holding and we kick hardcore a#%! No need to explain your company’s vibe, direction and style to a third party marketer, then another graphic designer and then a third time to a brand strategist. We do it all. And we do it with all elements of your campaign in mind. Your website is designed with your marketing goals in mind. And vice versa.

Two music industry alumnists who specialize in Design, Marketing and Brand Strategy.  With more than 20 years experience in marketing, design and branding…we have worked with some of the worlds largest, most successful record labels (SideOneDummy, SubPop, Merge, Secretly Canadian, Anti-/Epitaph, Domino, etc) and recording artists (Macklemore, Arctic Monkeys, Flogging Molly, The Gaslight Anthem, The Lumineers, Arcade Fire, etc). We have created marketing plans, logos, websites, collaborations and orchestrated brand-sponsored events for Grammy winning artists, international athletes, businesses, gyms… and now, hopefully you!

How We Help Your Business

Create A Plan

We’ll develop a custom plan that will help grow your business consistently

Develop Your Web Site

Get more business with a RAD web site.

Local & Online Marketing

In addition to get your brand more views via Google, Bing, Yelp, and SEO optimization we also will bring more traffic to your web properties through an extensive digital marketing campaign that includes publicity, advertising, online contesting and more.

Marketing Automation

We’ll set you up with marketing automation services that include email blasts, automatic follow-up on sales and many other features.



Are you sick of your company’s current image? The Rad Company’s team of branding experts will revitalize your image and bring new life to your brand!


We pride ourselves on developing uber creative yet simple marketing strategies and initiatives. Then we execute to perfection. Our campaigns will provide a high ROI and back it up with supporting metrics. Try us. You will be happy.


The Rad Company offers a wide range of design services including cost effective web sites, splash pages and hassle free print design. Check out our portfolio to see some of work.

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