“Publicity is just a foolish act done by wise people confidently, to fool the world.”

A t The Rad Company we create and spearhead public relations, social media, and digital marketing campaigns for a diverse range of clients.

Our philosophy is that every project deserves a specialized, thoughtful, and thorough approach that reaches broad audiences and drives your message home.

We take our clients’ campaigns to the next level and beyond, wherever they happen to start — musicians, films, authors, chefs, venues and concert halls, apps and services, non-profit organizations and trade associations, plus health and lifestyle brands.

So whether your goal is critical acclaim, building a fanbase, or reaching new customers, we help you find your audience and make a lasting impression.

Our Services


The Rad Company is well-known for working with bands, brands and local businesses. Every campaign is planned by an expert team with careful attention to a client’s needs, and media targets are tailored to meet that goals of each campaign.

We create interesting written materials that get journalists’ attention, and time our releases so they reach the people who can use it exactly when they need it. And we make sure to cover every angle to ensure that each campaign is a success.


Many of our clients find it effective to include their social media maintenance with their campaign. The Rad Company digital media services offer clients a wide array of strategic services across all social networking sites as appropriate, for a broad range of artists, projects and genres.

The Rad Company can help create and maximize your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Google, Pintrest, Linkedin and any where else people are connecting on the internet. We will generate a comprehensive online campaign, engage existing and casual fans while reaching out to new fans, and ultimately drive interest and recognition to convert fans into customers.


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