Our Best of 2016 List

The Rad Company Best of 2016

From career-defining works from Kanye & Touche Amore to the return of legends like Kelly Starrett and A Tribe Called Quest, here are our best of 2016 listsAmy’s Best Of 2016

Best Albums of 2016 (In no particular order) 

  1. Touche Amore Stage Four
  2. The Kills Ash & Ice
  3. Sturgill Simpson A Sailor Guide To Earth
  4. Deftones Gore
  5. Vince Staples Prima Dona
  6. Angel Olsen MY WOMAN
  7. Sleigh Bells Jessica Rabbit
  8. Emeli Sande Long Live The Angels
  9. A Tribe Called Quest We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 your Service
  10. Radiohead Moon Shaped Pool
  11. Margo Price Midwestern Farmer’s Daughter
  12. Public Access TV Never Enough
  13. De La Soul and The Anonymous Nobody
  14. Hamilton Leithauser I Had A Dream You Were Mine
  15. Skating Polly The Big Fit

Johnny’s Best Of 2016

Favorite Albums Of 2016

  1. Sturgill Simpson A Sailors Guide To Earth – from the instant you this dude belt “Hello my son. Welcome to earth.” you get the feeling this record is going to be absolutely devastating, and it is.
  2. Chance The Rapper Coloring Book – Chance is one of the smartest, most creative dudes in the hip hop scene and it’s awesome to see him finally put it all together on this record.
  3. Kanye West Life of Pablo – Yeezus is CRAZY, but he makes better hip hop albums than any other person on the planet.
  4. Brian Fallon & The CrowesPainkillers – Good alt-country-ish album. Not legendary, but I used to work with these dudes so I am biased to anything they do.
  5. Touche Amore Stage Four – This record is about the singers mom passing from Cancer. It perfectly captures the heartbreak of losing someone. It’s so good and so heavy I am really not sure how you make another record after this.
  6. Skating Polly The Big Fit – Uh, duh! We worked on this record and we only work on records if they are of AOTY contenders. This one definitely is.
  7. Runners up: Bon Iver, Tribe

Best Books Of 2016 

  1. Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: On the Origin, Management, and Prevention of Cancer – My father in law was diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. When we got the news I realized that I had not clue what cancer actually was, so I decided to start reading Oncology textbooks. My quest for understanding of the disease led me to this book and it blew the back of my brain off. This book is a big giant middle finger to the ivory tower of cancer research that is going on in most places. It hypothesizes that cancer is NOT actually a genetic disease like most people think, but it’s actually a metabolic disease that can be fixed by starving cancer cells. The research presented is solid, and the science is pretty astounding. I am not a doctor, so maybe I am way off, but I hope that more research is done on this because this, the research presented here makes way more sense than the traditional stuff. 

  2. White Rage My friend Anwar gave me this book and it is one of the single heaviest books I have ever read.  The book’s author utilizes history to show how white America has impeded the progress of African American’s all the way from the Emancipation Proclamation up until now. I walked away from reading it with a total shift in perspective. As a white dude I would never consider myself to be a racist, and I still contend that I am not. However after reading this I realize that white people in general, including me, whether we know it or not, have been and still are actively holding back the economic, social & political progress of Black Americans.  Which made me realize that America is pathetic. It’s 2016 and we are still racially divided, we still aren’t paying women as much as men in the workplace and we still can’t accept everyone for who they are even if we don’t understand it. Basically the only thing that we have actually made better in the last 50 years is the technology of our phones. It’s dumb and it makes me mad and I have no clue what to do about it. Hopefully I will figure it out in 2017.

  3. The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance – I am not sure if I would have liked this book as much if I hadn’t listened to it (yeah i listened to it instead of reading it, bite me reading purist) right after attending Brian MacKenzie’s  Performance Breathing Camp. Brian’s camp was all about how training & controlling your breathing/heart rate allows you to hack into a deeper level of performance . It also introduced this idea of the flow state which I initially totally disregarded. That is until i listened to this book on a drive up to Ohio. The book is entirely about flow what it is and how it allows people who are in it to perform on superhuman levels. Even writing this it still sounds like total BS, however the listen triggered my curiosity and when I got from Ohio I started adding some Wim Hof breathing stuff into my pre-workout warm-ups. Just like Brian had mentioned in his seminar it kind of triggered this weird out of body state which enables higher performance, which most people describe as flow. Does this mean I am going to drop into some gnarly 90 ft. wave in Maui next year? HELL NO, all it means is that the more i learn the less I know.

  4. Unbeatable Mind: Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level  – This book is old, but I just read it. It’s boring. It’s got some weird stuff I don’t buy into (spiritual parts..etc), however the chapters on mental models and how to deal with crappy situations are great and I think more management people should read it. There is a reason teams of 6 Navy Seals can take down an entire city, and it isn’t because they are “badass,” it all comes down to mental preparedness and this book teaches how to get on that level. 

  5. Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World – This might be the most important book written about health in 20 years. 70% of americans over 20 are FAT. That chunkyness has caused chronic health issues (stroke, diabetes, hypertension, bad joints..etc) to skyrocket to being the leading cause of death. Most of this FATness is due to American’s living sedentary lifestyles. These problems could be fixed if everyone stood for 8 hours instead of sitting. After reading this (and the rest of the book) Amy & I went out and got stand up desks. If you can read this and get to the end and not do something to fix your sedentary life, then you deserve what you get. 

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